Entry visa (Business, Conference,…)


Business Visa is a permission issued for foreign experts, and businessmen/businesswomen who travel to Iran for a limited period of time for economic, commercial and industrial purposes. This kind of visa does not include any wok permit.


The requirements:

1-      Visa Authorization code From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran. (Please inform your counterpart / host / sponsor / invitee in Iran side to provide you this code)


2-      One completed [visa] application form.


3-      Original Passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months, with a minimum of two blank pages.


4-      Copy of Passport (ID-page).


5-       Flight ticket itinerary


6-      Two current photographs in passport format (3 x 4), white background.


7-      The payment receipt for visa fee , paid into one of our account. Fees can be paid by bank cards (visa card, master card and credit card) in the Embassy,Payment in cash, cheque or online transactions are not acceptable.


CIMB Bank: 14140036988058

May Bank: 564427305770


Important notes:

·          Visa Will be issue 7 days after receiving the document

·         Visa submission and collection is Monday to Friday 9AM to 11AM

·         An urgent visa is available (submission Monday to Friday 9AM to 11Am and collection on the same day 3PM to 5PM). Additional 50% will add to the Visa fee.



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