The Ambassador’s Message


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Greetings to our dear compatriots. I feel proud to have the good opportunity to be here, in the beautiful and Islamic country of Malaysia, and to render my duties as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s new ambassador.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Malaysia are two important countries of the Islamic world and in the vast Continent of Asia, and doubtlessly, strengthening cooperation and closer relations between the two countries can bear positive and constructive results for peace, security and progress among Islamic countries and other nations.

 Iranian communities abroad have always had a unique role in introducing their Islamic country’s rich culture, religious traditions and the deep roots of its civilization. I am confident that, relying on the presence and activities of our cultivated and culture- loving fellow countrymen as well as cooperation and harmony, we can take further significant measures in order to promote the existing ties between the two countries.

I hope that our dear Iranian citizens living in Malaysia, having played an effective role in different scientific, commercial and cultural fields, will help us duly introduce our country to the government and kind people of Malaysia.

I as well as my colleagues and all Iranian officials in Malaysia find it as one of our main duties to serve the Iranian community, and relying on God’s grace, will spare no effort to achieve this goal.

We are cordially willing to receive your encouraging and guiding suggestions and recommendations.

I wish the two friendly and Muslim nations of Iran and Malaysia dignity and success.

     Marzieh Afkham - Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of foreign affairs,
Islamic Republic of IRAN,
All Rights Reserved - 2014